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The Art of the Sales Meeting

In sales, nothing sets you apart from the competition more than mastering the sales meeting. But meetings are more than just a chance to connect: they’re once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to understand your prospect, identify business and personal pains, and demonstrate how your product or service is the exclusive solution.


Hosting successful meetings is a science and an art. In The Art of the Sales Meeting, B2B sales expert and former actor Chris Prangley provides an inside look at how the principles of performance provide a powerful system for transforming your dull and awkward sales meetings into cathartic moments that lead to more sales. Chris reveals fundamentals for mastering each meeting, including techniques from the craft of acting that command attention, research guaranteed to distinguish you from the competition, and fifteen key points for the most effective pitch. The Art of the Sales Meeting is a must-read for every sales professional wanting to manage anxiety, increase value, and perform their best, every time.

The Art of the Sales Meeting

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