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"He's reached sales superstardom in the tech world and is ready to share his best tips in The Tech Sales Warrior."


8 Books to Help Entrepreneurs Become Strong Leaders.  -Entrepreneur Magazine

"This is THE book I needed as a sales engineer! Prangley does a phenomenal job outlining exactly how to be successful in tech sales – breaking it down into easily digestible, achievable steps. The Tech Sales Warrior will be required reading for all of my sales engineers. A must read for anyone that wants to be successful in tech sales!"

Justin Wilkins

Director of Sales Engineering

"Chris Prangley is a closer. The Tech Sales Warrior will provide anyone in their sales careers a strong approach to consistently crushing their quota and ways to make every customer interaction advance the campaign."

Matt Uvena

Director of Sales

“Chris Prangley has written a must-read book for anyone who wants to elevate their sales techniques while navigating the twists and turns of the tech industry. His insights are valuable, his methods are proven, and his experience is unmatched. Learn from one of the best.” 

Nick Polychronopoulos

Enterprise Sales Executive

"Seeing Chris quickly climb from inside rep through 5 promotions to VP and now coaching dozens of sellers has been nothing short of greatness. He lays out his secret to success and the secret of many consistent top performers that will resonate with not only the software sales executive but any seller in any industry. As his former manager and now friend I would advise- buy it, study it, do it!"

Sam Wethje

VP of Sales

"The Art of the Sales Meeting is a must-have guide to transforming an opportunity from ordinary into extraordinary. Buy this book!"

Adam Abramson

Digital Media Executive

Three-Time Emmy Award Winner

"Ultimately the success of your sales career will rely on how effectively you lead and guide conversations in meetings. The Art of the Sales Meeting takes the mystery and anxiety out of this critical step in the sales process by providing clear insights and a unique framework to improve the quality of your conversations.

Jesse Rosenbaum

Director - Eastern Region

Cloud Security Solutions

"The Tech Sales Warrior provides an easy to follow blueprint that outlines how to consistently overachieve your quota.  This book is a must read for anyone new to tech sales or for anyone looking to hone their skills to become one of the best. Working with Chris has helped me to personally increase my income 3 fold & to consistently be one of the top reps in a company with a sizable sales force."

Rich Haddad

Enterprise Sales Leader

The Tech Sales Warrior perfectly encapsulates the teachings and coaching I received first-hand as one of Chris’s early hires in his management career. 


Because I’ve dedicated myself to following these lessons and strategies, I’ve been able to crush my quota, make President’s Club each year, and get promoted up through my organization.  I’m so thrilled that he took the time to document this proven blueprint for success and share it with the sales world!”

Thor Lynch

Regional VP of Sales

"As a sales leader and a coach, Chris is one of the best I've ever worked with. He constantly pushes his teams to improve through practice and repetition. By breaking down sales meetings to their core elements, he knows exactly where his players need to improve. There is no doubt this book will help your sales teams improve their performance."

Stephen Frethem

Senior Director Sales Enablement 

"This book is a must read for tech sales and cyber security business leaders.


I worked with Chris while managing the data security program of a top global firm. The sales process was clear, no tricks, highly focused on our business and of immense value. When selling to the C-Suite the message needs to be clear and actionable. If you want to learn how to be a warrior and win in the boardroom, Buy The Tech Sales Warrior, study it, and grow."

Matt Radolec

 Senior Director, Incident Response and Cloud Operations

"The Art of the Sales Meeting combines great storytelling with meaningful guidance for sales professionals searching for greater success—chock-full of useful nuggets connecting best practices from the performing arts to provide better outcomes for the practitioner and those we serve."

Gerard Baglieri


Sales Tech Leadership

"I've seen too many qualified opportunities lost due to poorly run sales meetings. The Art of the Sales Meeting teaches teams how to prepare for and run exceptional meetings that lead to higher win rates and stronger brand loyalty."

Rob Sobers

Chief Marketing Officer

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