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The Tech Sales Warrior

In tech sales, every day is another chance to make a lasting impact. Your skill set and knowledge in an industry notorious for speed makes you invaluable to customers seeking an edge over their competition and challenges. You want that same edge, but developing the daily practices to get you there can feel like a guessing game. 


There are no shortcuts, but there is a direct path to success—and it’s the only one you need. In The Tech Sales Warrior, B2B sales expert Chris Prangley reveals the methodology to crush quotas and achieve consistent results for the rest of your career. Chris’s process is a series of daily habits you can implement immediately to regain control, find clarity, and feel empowered with your business. In sales, it’s up to you to hold yourself accountable—this book helps you do that. With resources for mentorship and tips for sustainability, you’ll leave unpredictability behind and gain confidence in all areas of your life.


Discover a new mindset and personal plan that will inspire you to abandon hope as a strategy and embark on a journey toward becoming a Tech Sales Warrior. 

The Tech Sales Warrior

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