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Chris Prangley

Best Selling Author of The Tech Sales Warrior  & The Art of the Sales Meeting

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In tech sales, every day is another chance to make a lasting impact. Your skill set and knowledge in an industry notorious for speed makes you invaluable to customers seeking an edge over their competition and challenges. You want that same edge, but developing the daily practices to get you there can feel like a guessing game. 


There are no shortcuts, but there is a direct path to success—and it’s the only one you need. In The Tech Sales Warrior, B2B sales expert Chris Prangley reveals the methodology to crush quotas and achieve consistent results for the rest of your career. Chris’s process is a series of daily habits you can implement immediately to regain control, find clarity, and feel empowered with your business. In sales, it’s up to you to hold yourself accountable—this book helps you do that.


With resources for mentorship and tips for sustainability, you’ll leave unpredictability behind and gain confidence in all areas of your life. Discover a new mindset and personal plan that will inspire you to abandon hope as a strategy and embark on a journey toward becoming a Tech Sales Warrior. 

"A useful, engagingly written and uplifting method for improving sales performance." - Kirkus Reviews

" He's reached sales superstardom in the tech world and is ready to share his best tips in The Tech Sales Warrior."  Featured in The 8 Books to Help Entrepreneurs Become Strong Leaders. - Entrepreneur

"...offers advice on cracking the code for becoming an exceptional tech salesperson."- Kirkus Reviews

In sales, nothing sets you apart from the competition more than mastering the sales meeting. But meetings are more than just a chance to connect: they’re once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to understand your prospect, identify business and personal pains, and demonstrate how your product or service is the exclusive solution.


Hosting successful meetings is a science and an art. In The Art of the Sales Meeting, B2B sales expert and former actor Chris Prangley provides an inside look at how the principles of performance provide a powerful system for transforming your dull and awkward sales meetings into cathartic moments that lead to more sales. Chris reveals fundamentals for mastering each meeting, including techniques from the craft of acting that command attention, research guaranteed to distinguish you from the competition, and fifteen key points for the most effective pitch. The Art of the Sales Meeting is a must-read for every sales professional wanting to manage anxiety, increase value, and perform their best, every time.

"Prangley provides a blueprint for improving all aspects of the standard sales meeting in this business guide." - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"Professionals at any level will find invaluable pointers here. An appealingly fresh and energetic look at rethinking the sales meeting." - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

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"The Tech Sales Warrior provides an easy to follow blueprint that outlines how to consistently overachieve your quota. 


This book is a must read for anyone new to tech sales or for anyone looking to hone their skills to become one of the best.


Working with Chris has helped me to personally increase my income 3 fold & to consistently be one of the top reps in a company with a large sales force."


“Most sales books are gimmicky with no real world ways to help increase Sales, but The Tech Sales Warrior will help you grow sales fast and effectively."

Billy Stowe, Co-Founder & CRO


" A fantastic read and practical advice from one of the best.  For aspiring sales professionals; if you want to be great  - this is your book."


Chris Schumm, VP of Sales

“Utilizing the valuable habits, principles and practices laid out in The Tech Sales Warrior helped me and my team accelerate our growth. When put into practice, the outcomes we deliver to our customers become dramatically more meaningful. “

Brett Newgaard, Enterprise Sales Leader

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